August 17, 2014

OraTau PLD Plugin v.1.5 released. It's absolutely Free and Open Source now.

January 19, 2011

OraTau PLD Plugin v.1.3.2 released

January 16, 2011

OraTau PLD Plugin v.1.3 released

December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

June 22, 2010

OraTau PLD Plugin v.1.2 released

May 30, 2010

OraTau PLD Plugin v.1.1 released

May 11, 2010

OraTau PLD Plugin v.1.0 released

April 04, 2010

SvcChief v.1.2 released

February 21, 2010

SvcChief v.1.1 released

February 05, 2010

SvcChief v.1.0 released




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OraTau PLD Plugin Free

OraTau PLD PluginOraTau PLD Plugin is Allround Automations PL/SQL Developer plugin. The plugin aims to higher simplification and increase of productivity and comfort while working with RDBMS Oracle via PL/SQL Developer.

Key features

  • "OraTau Logon" offers an alternative way to view user list available for logon.
  • "OraTau Database script execution" allows running a script on behalf of many users with a single operation. Moreover, a script can be executed both in the PL/SQL Developer Command Window and directly in an Oracle DB. This tool is irreplaceable, if you have many similar users or Oracle schemes and you need to modify all of them at once.
  • "OraTau Quick Query". If you often need to take values from different source tables (directories, customer lists etc.) while writing a query or a script, the Quick Query tool is for you! With Quick Query you can build a set of frequently used queries and run them with a hot key at any time. Then, upon a script execution, you simply double-click the query result cell to paste the required value into the resulting text and with a single key press paste it to the PL/SQL Developer
  • "OraTau Save As" and "OraTau Save"
  • "OraTau Comment"

  • See details...


    SvcChiefSvcChief is a software to control MS Windows(tm) services in several mouse clicks. It allows you to quickly access the desired services, check their status and apply the actions if needed. With SvcChief you won't need to run the Services snap-in, choose a computer and look for a service name in a long list of other services. Simply distribute services among groups and access then further with several mouse clicks. Conveniently, the services from different computers on the net can be included together into a single service group in any combination or into several groups at once. SvcChief minimizes to tray and doesn't occupy space in the taskbar. To restore or minimize the program, simply click the tray icon. See details...


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